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Virtual Reality (VR) Testing for Food Service, Hospitality and Tradeshows

We now integrate Virtual Reality (VR) as a standard part of the creative process. Dedica can build out any environment to create a full-scale virtual experiences allowing us to conduct immersive testing at various stages in the design process before any creative is actually executed in the real world.

Using these virtual world scenarios we are able to test and gather valuable data and user feedback regarding:
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) positioning and impact
  • Menuboard readability and content flow
  • Equipment/Beverage Station usability and positioning
  • General Floor Plan layout and customer flow

When developing Tradeshow booths and exhibition spaces we are able to utilize VR technology to build out full room-scale models for testing user flow. Additionally, we can analyze scale before design concepts are finalized to identify any foreseeable issues not generally noticeable in renderings or CAD drawings. This helps to eliminate production issues and or additional costs incurred in booth production for adjustments.

Clients are also able to gain a better perspective of the actual design buildout and can experience an immersive 360 degree virtual “walk-through” of the space.