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Amplify Asset Management Portals

Dedica designed and developed the Amplify® Asset Management Portal as a customized online tool utilized by brand and marketing teams to efficiently manage and distribute marketing content and assets across their system. The Asset Portal provides users instant access to pre-approved marketing assets as a centralized, cloud-based solution.

The Amplify Portal was developed to address the client’s needs to control and distribute brand collateral and marketing materials on a global and local level.

With secured access, marketers can provide pre-approved assets and content to constituents from one centralized, responsive web location. This allows the brand to retain control over the distribution and use of marketing assets while providing the end-user more flexibility to generate localized programs with an easy-to-navigate user interface.  In addition, the Amplify Portal’s unique site structure can also serve as an educational tool – allowing users to review insights and best in class programs and then build out customized solutions to fit their needs.  This customized offering differentiates the Amply Portal from standard “print on demand” online tools and sets up local marketers and franchisees for success.

The Amplify Portal gives corporate brand and marketing owners the creative control they need to manage the distribution of brand assets, marketing collateral and promotional materials while giving local marketers, agencies and franchisees some creative flexibility to create local content that meet brand priorities and guidelines.   The tool also gives corporate marketing a direct-to-market solution with minimal costs, allowing seamless distribution of new marketing content instantly throughout their system.

Amplify’s user-friendly interface and responsive design makes it easy to find and create the right marketing program directly from an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

The Amplify Asset Management Portal has been deployed by brands such as Coca-Cola Freestyle, Gold Peak Tea & Coffee, Jack in the Box, and Logan’s Roadhouse to efficiently distribute and manage assets to their systems.