Diet Coke Promotes Diversity And Inclusion By Removing Labels From Cans

Earlier this summer, Coca Cola’s Diet Coke launched its [unlabeled] campaign. In efforts to foster conversations about the damaging effects of societal labels, the soda company is removing labels from its cans. [unlabeled] is a multiyear campaign, and the kickoff event was the distribution of unlabeled cans at select events and locations.

“Some labels are earned. Fought for. Demanded. Proudly owned,” the campaign website reads. “But then there are labels that are imposed upon us. Weapons aimed to limit. Box us in. Make us feel lesser than. But imagine a world where we aren’t limited by the way others label us.”

Diet Coke has partnered with several organizations to create this campaign, including GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). Among the individuals was participated in the campaign’s promotion was Keri Gray, the director of stakeholder engagement and strategic communication at AAPD.

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