BK Brewing Co.
Dedica designed packaging concepts for a new line of Heritage and Black and Tan beers for BK Brewing Co. of New York.
Client: BK Brewing Co.
Activation: Branding, Packaging
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IHG PartnerConnect Affiliate Marketing
Dedica was retained to refresh the IHG PartnerConnect brand which included modifying its logo to align with IHG's new corporate brand VID and redesigning the PartnerConnect website to be fully responsive and efficient across various devices.
Client: IHG PartnerConnect
Activation: Digital, Websites
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Meritage Coffee Branding
Meritage Coffee is a new premium coffee brand specializing in sourcing only the highest grade, organic, single origin coffee beans and advanced roasting techniques.
Client: Meritage Coffee
Activation: Branding Development, Activation, Packaging
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Digital Animation Portfolio
In a world were digital screens are everywhere we look. The shift from traditional to digital media has become a necessity rather than a luxury for most companies.
Client: Mixed
Activation: Digital, Video, Animation
2007 - 2021
Coca-Cola Freestyle
Since its inception in 2007, Dedica has had the privilege of working on the Coca-Cola Freestyle brand.
Client: Coca-Cola
Objectives: Brand Awareness, Activation, Promotion
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Enterra Solutions
Dedica worked with Enterra Solutions to elevate and simplify the online presence for their innovative technology platform.
Client: Enterra Solutions
Activation: Digital, Website
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Coca-Cola NY Mets / CitiField Activation
Dedica is proud of its long-standing relationships with Coca-Cola's regional marketing teams and creative activation of local marketing assets.
Client: Coca-Cola / NY Mets / CitiField
Activation: Brand Activation
Animated Infographics
Client: Mixed
Activation: Infographics, Animation
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Consumer Goods
Client: Coca-Cola
Activation: Tradeshows
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Social Activation
MakerBot Digital Campaign
As a global leader in desktop 3D printing, Makerbot serves the largest install base of 3D printers worldwide and runs the largest 3D design community in the world.
Client: MakerBot
Activation: Strategy, Creative, Digital / Social
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Case Study