Dedica Group Shortlisted by ‘The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards,’ for Bricolage Brand Identity.

Dedica Group recognized by ‘The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards,’ a globally recognized competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces, for the brand identity creation and internal design execution of one of Brooklyn’s newest Vietnamese Gastropub’s – Bricolage. The team behind Bricolage, which includes a professor/artist, management consultant/beverage program manager and famed kitchen veterans Edward and Lien Lin of San Francisco’s top-rated The Slanted Door, embodies the hodgepodge union of imaginative Vietnamese cuisine and eclectic beverages served under a French name and inspired the visual imagery created by Dedica’s design team.

A blend of wood and metal textures, garnished with playful sketch iconography depicting mishmash items like a propeller-topped tea kettle and vintage television with a fluorescent lightbulb and whisk antenna, are used on marketing collateral, including menus, postcards, check presenters, signage and business cards, to complement the restaurant’s décor and showcase its fun, quirky personality to guests within and curious onlookers.