Dedica is one of Coca-Cola’s key shopper marketing partners  – working closely with brand, channel and customer teams to develop and execute shopper marketing strategies and on-premise concepts. Dedica’s knowledge of foodservice business drivers and marketing activation has translated to innovative concepts and profitable results for some of Coca-Cola’s largest retail customers.

Dedica was brought in by Coca-Cola to help develop a cohesive and operationally functional shopper marketing strategy for Kroger’s Deli segment. A comprehensive audit of Kroger’s current Deli offerings was conducted, along with a review of what was currently working and what was falling short of it’s required goals.

Combining this data with current consumer behavior reports, shopper marketing insights, our past knowledge of the segment, and some raw creative talent, Dedica developed a strategic positioning plan that leveraged both Coca-Cola’s and Kroger’s unique strengths as individuals and as a partnership.

Out of these finding, the brand statement “Fast and Fresh” became the focal point of our strategy moving forwards and our key call to action on all communication elements.

With “Fast and Fresh” in mind Dedica started by developing a product pairing strategy that grouped key Deli items with Coca-Cola products, helping to satisfy a consumer need for convenience and at the same time driving sales and increased profitability through upsell.

Menuboards were reviewed and reworked to better communicate a “complete meal” strategy and drive customers to more profitable deli items. The beverage stations were redesigned to offer a wider variety of beverages, to meet customer tastes and current market trends. Positioning of the stations within the current flow of the Deli layout was also reviewed to ensure higher visibility and better flow. Promotional and product interrupters were placed at key points within and around the Deli area’s helping to trigger impulse purchase opportunities and depart reminders. POS callouts were also placed at key points throughout the stores to help drive traffic to the Deli section.

The overall in-store activation was supported up by an online targeted ad campaign and an “out of home” strategy which included primetime radio spots targeting busy mums heading home to prepare dinner for the family.