Dedica’s creative services were retained to refresh the IHG PartnerConnect brand which included modifying the brand logo to align with the new IHG corporate brand VID and redesigning the PartnerConnect website as a fully responsive site. As part of the creative process we worked closely with the IHG PartnerConnect brand team to first streamline content to make it easier for potential affiliate partners to navigate the site, and find pertinent information faster regarding key program benefits and ways to join.

Our layout design goal was then to create a more modern, contemporary and “inviting” look using key brand assets and upscale brand photography combined with graphic and gradient overlays, paired with color blocks of copy so text would pop – keeping in mind that we needed to create an efficient multi-device user experience.

For global relaunch of the site we also designed the language switch pages for multilingual and multi-regional SEO. To finalize we then worked closely again with the IHG PartnerConnect team to review copy and conduct usability tests to ensure all content was effectively translated.