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At Dedica we pride ourselves on our ability to truly immerse ourselves in the client’s brand, their consumers, and the competitive landscape in which they exist. This core understanding gives us the insight we need to find the consumer connection points that are so important to the success of any brand or product. Without these connectors there is nothing to hold a brand in the mind of the consumer and keep it relevant to their wants and needs.

What makes us unique is that we excel at over-delivering daring concepts, uniquely differentiated design, and strategic management services for some of the world’s most beloved and iconic brands.

Simply put, our success is driven by our ability to bring a brand to life in every aspect of the consumer experience. Dedica works closely with our clients to truly understand their needs and the challenges they face. Our goal is to become an extension of the teams with whom we work and provide effective creative solutions to help meet their objectives.

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We have the experience to activate the brand at every consumer touch point. By translating the core brand idea into actionable elements we create genuine connections with consumers, thus leading to tangible results. We measure our success based on creative objectives as well as how we are able to impact our client’s business and, most importantly, their bottom line.

Concept: Every exciting project starts with a daring concept. We begin by deeply immersing ourselves in the brand, making sure our idea is well thought out, aligns with the objectives and reaches its greatest potential before the project proceeds.

Design: Turning daring creative into brilliant design takes hard work and a strong attention to detail. Through our experience of guiding every aspect of design for numerous projects across the U.S. and abroad, we have developed a very clear and concise process for providing effective creative solutions.

Management: For daring creative and brilliant design to become a reality takes excellent project management. Our management team is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of strategy, design, consulting and effective budget management, all the necessary tools to ensure a successful project.

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